Our Fund Raisers

Tired of Cookie and Bake Sales? Need a new way to refresh your fund raising efforts?Try our "Butt Sale". This one is a no brainier pre sell our Pork BBQ and feed your supporters family dinners instead of cake or cookies!

Chicken Dinners Make a date and feed your organization chicken dinners and keep 50% of the revenue for your charity or cause. Call 816-399-4901

Ribfest Our BBQ Team travels and competes in Ribfests for causes. Call us today to participate and help your Ribfest raise money and awareness for your event.

Cooking for Causes

Catering for Charity Big Show BBQ offers charitable groups the skill set to produce large catered events allowing the group to focus on the your supporters. We do everything from Banquets to backyard barbecues. Put the BIG TASTE into your events let us do the hard work and work the pits and reward your support.
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Raising Money and Awareness We are committed to helping groups raise money and awareness. We are proud to be associated with Let's Embrace Autism Today (E.A.T). Keep an eye out for their events. With spectrum diagnosis rampant today, they really need your help and support too.

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Let's Embrace Autism Today. Raises money for for kids on the spectrum with their needs from hyperbaric treatments to summer camps and aids to help integrate kids into the real world. Understanding is just the beginning - these kids need to learn self management just to survive. Please donate today.